Premier Website Package



Delivery Time:



2 Weeks

SEO Lift Package is a once-off package that will place your website on a new Search-Engine friendly platform, which will achieve results for you.

What you get!!

  • Webmaster Tools Deployment
    Integrating Google’s Webmaster Tools into your website allows CR8VE to gain a deeper understanding of how Google categorises and interprets your website. These tools form the basis of all SEO operations by providing an objective account of how your site is performing in comparison to your competitors online.
  • Search Engine Friendly Site
    CR8VE will adjust your website’s document structure and make your website more concise so that popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing can have a more comprehensive understanding of your products or services. This procedure will not affect the structure of your website or interfere with your branding.
  • A Carefully Crafted Site-Map
    An industry standard and comprehensive site-map will establish a high-level breakdown of structure of your website along with the topics and relative importance of each page. CR8VE will submit this information to Google, Bing and Yahoo! so that all the pages on your website will be crawled by search engines in the order of importance set in the set in the site-map
  • A Quality Listing on Google Places
    Google Local Business Listings can be a valuable resource which hosts a multitude of benefits spanning several Google services. We’ll create you a comprehensive Google Local Business Listing to increase your visibility for searches conducted within your local area.
  • Industry Keyword Research
    CR8VE will perform keyword research into your industry and find the best words to drive search engine traffic to your website. Using the analytical information, CR8VE will promote your website’s ranking amongst your competitors for terms that your customers are most likely searching for.
  • Improvement Report
    CR8VE will compile a comprehensive improvement report which assesses your previous standings on Google in comparison to your improved rankings after the implementation of our SEO package.

Additional Note:
As Google’s crawler cannot be forced into prioritising any particular website, the effects and improvements won’t be visible for up to a few weeks. Allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your report.