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CMS System

Based on the Joomla framework, CR8VE Content Management System turns this traditional model on its head, putting the power back in your hands by providing you with intuitive, easy-to-use packages that allows you to make significant changes to your site, whenever you want.

The Joomla CMS is as simple as double clicking on an image or part of your layout and moving it to wherever you want. Most of our clients don't even need a tutorial; it's that easy. Furthermore, Joomla CMS is customised for each site that we roll out, which allows clients to modify specific components of their websites, not just simply alter text and change images like the majority of CMS software on the market. With Joomla CMS, you truly become the master of your domain.

Joomla CMS is not like traditional WYSIWYG editors that let you make simple content changes, but a powerful tool with which you can reposition your site's navigational structure, add in or move around animated slide shows, and insert social bookmark and social media widgets.