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Email Marketing

CR8VE email marketing campaign can increase awareness and revenue for your organisation and can keep your costs down.

Building a successful email campaign is an important part of getting information out to your customers and clients. CR8VE has helped our clients build email marketing campaigns that have resulted in more visitors heading to their website, having a better chance of additional sales

  • Design - we design custom html and multimedia e-mail messages
  • Delivery - we deliver your messages to your in-house or rented, targeted mailing lists
  • Tracking - we track and report all campaign metrics in detail including bounces, message receipt, open rate, click thrus
  • Management - we'll manage your email marketing campaign including content development & opt-in and opt-out and bounce detection services

Specific Email Marketing Services
  • Strategic email marketing consulting
  • Campaign strategy & development
  • Email concept and design
  • Content development
  • Email list purchasing
  • In-house mailing list development & segmentation
  • Email campaign management
  • Campaign integration into your overall marketing mix
  • Multimedia integration
  • Analytics tracking and reporting
  • Online contests
With email marketing, your organisation can:
  • Announce a new product or service
  • Run a promotion or take customer surveys
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand recognition
  • Save your company money on marketing expenses

Not only can email marketing for small businesses get your message out, but it can also save you money. Sending out direct mail can cost you money in paper, printing and postage. Getting your message out in a timely manner can help to keep you ahead of the competition, helping to increase your organisations revenue.